Recordings – Octavia and Towering Angels

Albums from Octavia and Towering Angels. For more details on these visit their page.

‘Angel Band’ – released May 2016

1. (Prelude): Let  Your Restless Heart Be Still (Carolyn Dobner on recorder)
2. Angel Band (Oct & TA)
3. Blessed Quietness (TA)
4. Complainte Gallaise (TA)
5. Daniel Prayed (TA)
6. Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Babe (Oct)
7. Ehlatine e Lusaka (Oct)
8. Goin’ to the West(TA)
9. I’ll Fly Away (Oct)
10. Lord Don’t Move The Mountain (Oct & TA)
11. I Know My Time Ain’t Long (TA)
12. Prince Qu’en Mains Tenez (TA)
13. Tskhenosnuri (TA)
14. Vana mai vemu Zimbabwe (Oct)
15. Wash Your Spirit Clean (Oct)
16. Westminster (TA)
17. Winter Night (Oct)
18. Balaacoolwe (Oct)
19. Maro e Ma Mestrez (Oct)
20. Leliarde (TA)
21. Sto Mi e Milo (TA)
22. She Moved Through the Fair (Nelleke van Helfteren)
23. Crven Fesic (Oct)
24. Maramica Na Stazi (Oct)
25. Ye Jacobites By Name (Oct & TA with Quire)
26. (Postlude) Let  Your Restless Heart Be Still (Carolyn Dobner on recorder)

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