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‘REVELATION’ – Quire’s 4th CD – released July 2015img28crop

Voice of the People
1. Did You not Know
2. Da Nog
3. All you who pass
4. I Shall be Living

British Tradition
5. Good News
6. Abbeystead
7. I am a Soldier of the Cross
8. You Are For Me
9. Ye Jacobites by Name

Visitors to Quire
10. Crven Fesic
11. Maramica
12. Bambalela
13. Holy Ground

Rock and Soul
14. Handwritin on the wall
15. Revelation
16. Strange Fruit
17. The storm is passing

‘Revelation’ is on sale at Classics, 2a Osborne Street, Colchester and Mann’s Music Shop, High Street Colchester. All three albums are available by emailing or calling 01206 735770

‘SHOUT!’ – Quire’s 3rd CD – released December 2010

The Africa Connection
1. Balaacoolwe bapenzegwa
2. Fiela
3. Gabi Gabi
4. Shosholoza

From the Pacific Rim
5. You are numbered with the disappeared
6. He honore
7. Mihi mai ra

The European Dimension
8. World upside down (Deze wereld)
9. Maro e ma mestrez
10. Leliarde
11. Sto mi e milo
12. Sometimes your light

The Caribbean
13. Soy Feliz
14. Pain ou ça mange

Spiritual Roots
15. Hallelujah
16. Female Pilgrim
17. My Lord what a morning
18. Faithful over a few things
19. People get ready
20. Shout praise to God


Click below to preview songs from Festival:

Come, bless the Lord
Riu riu chiu
Hark the glad sound
Mary’s canticle
Hamba, kahle
Maria Musande
Ride on, King Jesus
10 Contemporary reproaches
11 Paya pagorogotha
12 When I survey the wondrous cross
13 Rise again
14 And am I born to die
15 Remember me
16 Siyobonana
17 Cantemos al Senor
18 Gloria
19 Let your restless heart be still
20 Oh Happy day

Click below to preview songs from Pilgrim:

1 Mambo Jesu achiwoneka
2 Lerato la Jeso a makatsa
3 Chimwemwe wa Jesu
4 Ewelina Mandla
5 I wish, I wish but it’s all in vain
6 Shine on me
7 Give me Jesus
8 Now is the time
9 Pilgrim
10 New Britain
11 Resucitó
12 Nadie en el sepulcro
13 She moved through the fair
14 John the revelator
15 Come out the Wilderness
16 New Jerusalem
17 I’m going home
18 I want Jesus to walk with me
19This little light of mine
20 Thula Sizwe
21 Mayenziwe
22 Nkosi sikelel i Africa

All three albums are available by emailing or calling 01206 735770