QIE: What is it?

Looking for a different musical experience for your school? How about broadening their horizons – literally!

Quire in Education aims to introduce children to the wonderful repertory of songs from outside the UK. If we can get the children singing in Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Trinidad patois, or even a wonderfully silly but very complex 6 part round from Australia, then we feel we have given them a taste of what they can do and indeed what music is out there if only they get the chance to taste it!

Quire is Colchester’s own community world music choir, performing songs from a wide range of cultures around the world. Professor Bill Tamblyn, Quire’s Musical Director, together with members of Quire, can bring this multi-cultural experience to your school, working with your pupils on a mix of rounds and other songs, accompanied by exciting percussion rhythms and simple movements. Workshops can be tailored to suit your schools needs.

Here are some comments after previous Quire in Education sessions:

“Just to say a huge thank you to those who came to [our school] on Wednesday. We had a lovely day and the children really enjoyed the singing so much. I heard comments from them like, ‘I wish Quire could come every week’ and ‘I loved that!’.  You could see the children doing the dancing outside school. Bill you had the measure of the children completely. Thanks!”

“When Quire came to visit I really enjoyed singing with everyone, we sounded great!”

” When Quire came to visit, I really enjoyed all the songs. I learnt you sing a lot better when you smile.”

“All the songs were fun to sing. I learnt how to dance African like. We learnt to keep a steady rhythm.”

Where in the world would you like your pupils to travel to?

Call Bill Tamblyn on 01206 735770 to discuss the possibilities or email info@quire.org

To see photos from recent workshops, visit our QiE gallery