QiE Workshop Calendar


23rd August – Mersea Island Festival

26th April – St Georges’s School, Colchester


June – Howbridge C of E Primary School, Witham


Heathlands C of E Primary School, West Bergholt


March 28th
We gathered at the Drummonds Centre in Feering in preparation for a concert in St Peter’s Church Coggeshall later in the Spring. Drummonds is a residential home run by Scope, the national disability charity. To be honest we had no idea who would be there, what we would be able to do or how we would be received. The occasion was, however, absolutely joyous and the delight from both sides way beyond all expectation. There were about 20 of the residents in the hall, all in wheelchairs and all with complex disabilities. However, almost all were accompanied by a helper – volunteers and staff drawn from many countries of the world. We had chosen musical numbers to try out from our World Music repertoire. We persuaded most if not all the helpers to sing along with our posse from Quire (about a dozen of us in full regalia!) in music which also required percussion instruments, clapping, stamping of feet, and general merriment.

By lunch time we were all exhausted – as much from the laughter as the singing and we decided that we had probably achieved as much as we would like in the time we had.

To our delight most of the residents were brought (with their helpers) by minibus to the concert at Coggeshall – see the report on the concert in our Past Events

April 18th
This was a workshop at St Peter’s Primary School Coggeshall given as a back-up to the Coggeshall concert in the hope that some of the school children might come with their parents to the church for the concert. While, in the event this did not happen, the workshop certainly did! The school seemed rather apprehensive about what we might do, but a large workshop at the lunch break for over half the school soon broke the ice and after 40 minutes we had nearly 200 children singing and dancing away to our African and American songs. Then we took a smaller group for more intensive singing which they seemed to really get in to – playing instruments along with the songs. The head teacher was very pleased and has said that he will invite us for a whole day in the future to work with more of the children.

March 16th
A small group of Quire members led by director Professor Bill Tamblyn spent a day at Tollesbury Primary School. Quire were there on the invitation from the Headteacher to Quire member Christina Moon to bring ‘her choir’ to the school. Christina herself has a wonderful voice and it was so uplifting for the Quire to hear such excellent class singing from her class and indeed from the school as a whole.

March 24th and 25th
Quire answered a request from Heathlands C of E Primary School, West Bergholt to present workshop days with three classes. Here there are two members of Quire; Carol, a teacher and Sarah, a parent-helper.   Quire visited the school last year and again we were astonished at the quality and enthusiasm of the singing by the children. Nothing was beyond them – 4-part rounds, songs in obscure African tribal languages, even a jolly Mexican chorus (in Spanish of course! ).

April 28th – Fingringhoe C of E Primary School

May 25th – Parsons Heath C of E Primary School (return visit)

If you would like Quire to visit your school, please visit our Quire in Education page. We work through numbers from the Sing Up initiative together with world music from our own repertory.