Winter Warmer ~ Friday 23 March ~ St Mary’s Church, Peldon

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Winter Warmer is about nostalgia for a time when the audience joined in whether they knew the chorus or not.  Some performers told stories; some sang  songs but added a spoken commentary – patter songs. (You will hear their ancestors in Gilbert and Sullivan). Some sang American Favourites from the early 20th century – Irene Goodnight, Midnight special; some sang Polly Perkins in the Geordie tongue – Cushie Butterfield, and East End standards ‘if it wasn’t for the ‘ouses in between.

And of course, the great pub songs ‘Two lovely black eyes’ and Lily of Laguna.

They will all be there in Winter Warmer and many others too. Come and sing along at St Mary’s!

Friday 23 March at 7.30pm
St Mary’s Church, Peldon, CO5 7PT

Tickets £10 (£8 conc) available on the door

For ticket reservations call 01206 735770

What prompted Bill Tamblyn – he of the ‘World Music Quire’ – to produce a concert of Music Hall Songs?  Surely he is not THAT old as to remember the halls?

Well – that is not quite true. In the late 1940’s,  the rooming house where Bill  lived as a boy also let rooms to music hall artists  from the Birmingham Hippodrome –( a 19th century Music Hall still going strong.)  So he met jugglers and comedians and of course they had their songs and they would give impromptu performances to Bill and his family.

From 1953 the BBC broadcast ‘Friday Night is Music Night’ – a programme which included music hall songs was also regular listening in the Bill household. Bill was learning the repertoire that way too.

When Bill went to Durham University 10 years later he listened to Geordies singing ‘the old songs’ in pubs around the town. And later, as he researched American music, he came across singers and song writers from the black as well as the white communities who made songs that were to cross the Atlantic and re-appear in English Music Hall. 

Bill had caught the ‘music hall’ bug!