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Since it’s humble beginnings, Quire has recorded five CDs of world music, gospel and folk – Pilgrim, Festival , Shout!,  Revelation, and  Angel Band from the small groups.

For full details of the recordings, with samples of some of the tracks,  visit our discography page.

To purchase any of the CD’s, in the first instance email or call 01206 735770

Here’s what Music Director and founder of Quire, Prof Bill Tamblyn, had say about the recording – REVELATION

In 2014 we celebrated our 10th anniversary. We had started as an evening class in 2004. Since then we have done many gigs around East Anglia and further a-field.

We have made CDs: Pilgrim, Festival, Shout! and, with three other Colchester groups, we featured on Colchester Round – released at the opening of the First Site Art Gallery in 2011. ‘Revelation’ is a ‘snap-shot in song’ from our current repertory.

Voice of the People: from the 1970’s English and Dutch composers wrote challenging music for congregations. Here are some examples: one is a canon for audience, the other is a five minute long extended melody over a Rachmaninoff –style accompaniment – amazing!. My two pieces are from an Advent presentation The Journey compiled in 2011.

British Tradition: The idea behind this is that we celebrate West Gallery and Village Pub singing with: carols from the North of England, a lovely duet by a composer from Sunderland, and a folk setting of a poem by Robert Burns.

Visitors to Choir: We have workshops from Village Harmony (a students’ group specialising in American, African and Eastern European music), and from other world music choir directors from the UK. As part of the Colchester Round each group made a song from material borrowed from one of the other groups: I am a soldier was based on L’homme armé (used by Colchester Waits), and Holy Ground (used an idea from Sanctorum) and for this I borrowed the leader of Colchester Chamber Orchestra – Beth Spendlove.

Rock and Soul: This genre has featured a lot in recent programmes. Like the African repertory, we need to cast away our English inhibitions as we sing and ‘move’. Thanks to You Tube we can see as well as hear how other groups perform. So for us, ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. You can also find Quire on You Tube too!

The small groups from within the main Quire: Octavia sings Crven fesic and Maramica and provides the ‘do-waps’ in Revelation and The Storm. Towering Angels lead us in Jacobites and Abbeystead. We feature our own soul singer and pay homage to Billie Holiday (Strange Fruit) , Russell Ferrante (Revelation) and Dottie Peoples ( Handwritin’ on the wall). These small groups will feature on their own CD Angel Band set for release in 2015.

For your copy of ‘Revelation’ or any of our other CDs contact Quire:
Call 01206 735770
Or visit Classics, 2a Osborne Street, Colchester