Friday 5th October ~ Night of the Choirs ~ Kingsland Church, Colchester

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Oh, what a night! The “Night of Choirs” at Kingsland Church on the 5th October was a showcase for three local Community choirs to strut their stuff.

 The opening welcome number by Kingsland Community Gospel Choir – “Michael row your boat ashore”, set the tone for an evening which ranged from rapt attention to foot stomping audience participation.

Quire performed their opening set which included a Gospel classic, The storm will soon be over, and a new work by Birmingham composer Geraldine Latty Lord have mercy. We concluded with one of our signature African numbers Bambelela (You must never give up).

There followed sets by Kingsland Community Gospel Choir (KCGC) and Colchester The Big Sing. As each choir performed the audience in the 200-seat auditorium was encouraged to stand, clap, dance and join in.

In the space behind the back row, members of Quire taught an African dance step to a whole new group of enthusiastic participants.

Quire’s second set comprised Tom Kendzia’s beautiful Stand by me – over a hundred years old but as fresh as ever – followed by another Gospel classic Faithful over a few things. Our finale was Shosholoza from South Africa, a song which calls for everyone to “Make Way” for freedom!

The show finale brought all three choirs to the stage to join in the rousing song Shackles that had been performed earlier by Big Sing. What a great evening, with us all joining the actions and words – you took the shackles off my feet so I can dance, I want to praise you!

The final word went, not to the show’s compere, but to the director of KCGC. “Singing is good for you in every way – mentally and physically. All singers share something wonderful, that together we can make something that is more than the sum of our parts. Join a choir!”

Val Carter