Join Quire

If you’re interested in joining Quire contact or call 01206 735770

What you should bring to Quire
Quire is a community choir and members are committed to the music and to the group. You will need enthusiasm and a readiness to try vocal-group singing in different styles and show a willingness to move to the music. You do NOT need to know the repertoire in advance and music reading is not essential. We sing, we move, we clap, we enter into the spirit of the song and we sing in many different languages. We sing in four part harmony in the main so you will be identified as a Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass.  And Yes! There are lady tenors in Quire!

How we learn
We revise and rearrange numbers for each concert as well as learning new material. We develop aural and vocal skills through warm-up and rehearsal techniques and we learn how to imitate vocal styles and learn to sing in languages other than English.  We are aware of blend, balance and intonation in close-harmony singing. We learn by rote and we also learn about notation.

All members are provided with the basic repertoire books which are taken home for practice purposes. Many members use small digital recorders during rehearsal for personal learning and mp3 copies of a part can be requested from the Music Director.

Rehearsals and Fees
Most rehearsals are held each Thursday in school term time at Lion Walk Church Hall, Lion Walk, Colchester from 7pm to 9.30pm. Quire has at least 36 weeks of rehearsal within the 3 school terms, with some additional rehearsals at the end of the period and immediately before concerts.

Quire members pay a termly fee, payable at the start of each school term.

The concerts we give have a high priority in the overall scheme of learning. Performing is what we do, so we assume that we are rehearsing for a performance (as well, of course, for the fun of it!). All Quire members are expected to make a commitment to perform at the concerts which take place throughout the year. We are inspired to give even more at concert time when we invite professional pianists and percussionists to lift our final performance.

When performing, Quire members wear black clothes with the addition of an African scarf or red poncho. These are available for a small fee.  Travel to gigs is at individual’s own expense although members do try to car share.

Additional information
A Quire events list is published and circulated regularly by the Secretary to keep all members informed of the group’s commitments.

Quire is organised by a comittee and a core group of helpers who work closely with the Music Director, Prof Bill Tamblyn. Committee meetings are held once a term and Quire encourages its members to take specific roles in the organisation whether or not they are on the committee. We are always pleased to hear from members who may have skills to offer such as graphic design, web skill, publicity, refreshments, acting as ‘roadies’ and so on.

The group also organises informal social gatherings to extend the fun of the Quire experience!