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Rather good news is that, having re-pressed Pilgrim – our first CD, we now need to re-press Festival – our second CD. Don’t forget Shout! and Revelation! are still available, and the recently released Angel Band which featured the music of the two smaller groups from Quire – Octavia and Towering Angels.

Autumn 2016

The autumn term concerts already booked for Quire include an ‘African- themed’ concert at the Congregational Church in Wivenhoe on Saturday November 5th.  This will be called Mzungu (the generic African name for European people in Africa) and Quire (being mostly Europeans!) will be singing from their extensive African Repertory.

Quire members will appear in the Christmas season at various Christmas Tree Festivals and seasonal celebrations in Colchester.

The main concert will be called And is it true? and is a reflection by Africans and African-Americans on their ‘take’ on the infancy narrative. There are no traditional English Carols because the Africans prefer lots of celebration, angels – and, yes! there are some lovely songs about Mary. This will be on Friday December 16th – at Lion Walk. A Christmas Concert with African drumming. That’ll be different!

(Meanwhile, Quire has featured on the BBC programme ‘Meet my choir’ on BBC Radio 3 with an African setting of the Beatitudes – Balacoolwe)

The Spring Term will feature no African music at all – because, being a World Music Choir, Quire has a hundred or more songs from Asia, Europe, North and South America, the Far East and Russia.. so there will be plenty of songs to choose from. Watch this space!

In the Summer there is a trip for Octavia and Towering Angels to Northern France over the weekend of June 2nd – 4th 2017.

The end of term concert for Quire will probably be on Friday June 30th

Further ahead:

We have a plan to sing at the Hull City of Culture Festivities in the autumn term of 2017.

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