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Autumn 2015
The long-awaited  CD Revelation  is available. £10

On  October 10th we had an  open morning for the public  – a Quire Workshop at Slack Space. Slack Space has moved to Piatto Café for these events. We had 8 or 9 members of the public join us and certainly, apart from the pleasure of singing our material in front of the café customers, we have new recruits too.

One of our regular rehearsal venues, St Mary’s Peldon, has, at last, opened an annex – the North Porch  – complete with a kitchenette and a loo!  All those contributions which Quire members  put in to the church wall safe have come home to roost – and singers will not have to trek across to the church hall any more. You are all welcome – Friday November 13th 7.30pm – and the event is euphemistically called ‘At your Convenience!’

The ‘Christmas’ concert is back at Lion Walk on December 11th at 7.30pm. This theme is Born in the Night and reflects the plight of Mary and her husband as they were driven from one village to another to escape persecution. Don’t worry!  It is not miserable in any sense. There are three great American folk songs (new to us), some English ‘West Gallery – come – pub  carols’ from the Sheffield area, a song in Czech and Bill has written a couple of new numbers too.

Spring 2016
It may be possible to have a gig focusing on West Gallery and American FASOLA in the spring term. We are thinking of a ‘small’ concert, perhaps on a Sunday afternoon in early Spring in Little Braxted – and this will be for Octavia and Towering Angels. Date to be decided. The church is unique – covered in paintings made by the Vicar Ernest Geldart – at the end of the 19th century. Only seats about 50 people so watch this space!

We will have a concert in All Saints- Brightlingsea – the church on the hill with an extant West Gallery. Grade One listed. Begun about 1250. And it has a west gallery – small but beautifully formed! We will have full Quire, and contributions from Octavia and Towering Angels

The concert is on Friday March 18th and it will link the two alliances – France and Scotland – The Auld Alliance and also link two sung forms which link England with America – West Gallery and FASOLA. This promises to be a feast of music.

Summer 2016
We have a booking for Octavia and Towering Angels from the Colchester Anglo French Society to sing a French programme as part of an evening’s entertainment. This will be on Wednesday May 18th but the audience will be restricted to Society members

At the end of term, and the end of the Quire year, we will celebrate all of our CDs  in a Final Concert on July 1st.  We are not sure at this point where this will be. Watch this space – again ! The working title for this event is, not surprisingly Celebration !

Readers of this blog who are interested  in joining Quire or hiring Quire should contact us. We are still rehearsing at Lion Walk Church on Thursday evenings from 7pm and the general contact emails are on the web site – but for an immediate reply, why not email me – bill.tamblyn@aspects.net

Bill Tamblyn